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Linasty NUBLAO’


Lush vibes rain down almost genre-free thanks to the warmth and melody of the performance – Linasty lifts the mood with ease, for the addictively dreamy new single NUBLAO’.

Always focused on that positive energy as a creative artist, Linasty’s approach breathes new life into the scene. A sense of immersive optimism and possibility washes over amidst the simple yet enchanting production and distant vocals of NUBLAO’, speaking volumes on behalf of the humility and heart of the style.

Hailing from the ‘Isla del Encanto’, Linasty showcases a faultless flow and confidence on the mic, but also allows this to be mixed rather modestly within NUBLAO’. The overall vibe is everything, the vocal merely a distant guide or dash of humanity amidst the ambiance.

It’s a refreshing way to write and record a modern track, and balancing the heavy bass with these light trap rhythms and catchy vocal streams works beautifully in calming the room. Even the language variation feels like a necessary part of the atmospheric experience, rather than a barrier – another exotic layer of an already hypnotic, melodic and calming arrangement.

Find Linasty here or via TikTok & Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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