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Lil Quasar SunFloat


Lil Quasar’s SunFloat is a single from the project Hey, Quasar! It’s a great place to begin for those who are new to his sound. SunFloat opens up with a quickly memorable hook – a rhythmic vocal melody and a characterful voice to deliver it pave the way for an easily recognisable hit. Musically there’s a gentle, fairly dreamlike ambiance behind the song – a light beat and some uplifting synth riffs descend and add layers of colour to the outer edges of the track. It only takes a single listen to get a feel for the artist and for this particular indie hit in particular.

As the track progresses, you notice there’s a fairly relentless rhythm and energy to the vocal delivery. The rhythm of it is key, adding something like a hip hop sense of movement, keeping you reminded of the songwriter and the sound of his voice. This mildly intense presence has a definite level of confidence to it, and furthermore – it contrasts quite cleverly with the softness of the ambiance supporting it.

I was reminded in the opening moments of the late Mac Miller, the creatively explorative soundscapes that were the thread throughout a fair few of his recent releases. The song itself has much more of an RnB-fusion feel, even partly dance-hall like – there’s melody consistently, it’s a simple progression but it works among the hypnotic nature of the whole experience.

In among this of course are the lyrics, the likes of which seem equally relentless – the pace is fast, it takes more than that initial listen to really take it all in. Part of this is the originality in the subject matter – Lil Quasar takes an uncommon subject matter and deals with it in a similarly new, refreshing way. Every line seems soaked in that essential originality. He drives with personality and flair, and it leaves its mark for sure.

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