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Liebeskid Hold Me Stronger


There are undoubtedly certain elements within the vast majority of music releases that draw threads of familiarity – many of which we often cling to for comfort. Rarely do you get building blocks that stand out in more ways than they blend in. Enter Liebeskid.

Liebeskid’s Hold Me Stronger is a phenomenal song, unique and genuinely original right now for a number of reasons. First it’s this long-form melody-line – this feels like a new tune, a complex musical development that’s not easy to predict. Then it’s the lyrics – poetic and equally complex, fascinating and still able to connect with those deeper human feelings that are rarely accessed by mainstream music.

After this it’s the set-up, the musical build up – the ambiance. Hold Me Stronger begins with the purity of a piano part that matches the movement of the vocal. Only these two factors emerge initially, and they’re incredibly captivating in themselves. That realness, the way the sound and the words are laid bare – there’s a quiet passion in the voice and in these thoughts. It’s provocative and subtly heart-breaking, and as the beat comes in – you’re swept away on this rising energy. At the same time, the lyrics resolve from this questioning uncertainty to this moment of declaration and ultimately desire.

Hold Me Stronger is a stunning song, somewhat Kate Bush-like in nature but with a trip-hop-driven edge. The perfect piece to escape within at volume.

You can’t break my spell, cause the darkness did it well. 

Also included in this two-track release is a song called Something New. The piano guides again, that now familiar voice appears – a quicker melodic rhythm, a denser collection of lyrics. There’s a hint of Dolores O’Riordan here for me. There’s something incredibly pure and beautiful about this voice. These lyrics again compel and hold tight to your attention right the way through, with clear depth and a balanced array of poetic detail.

What Liebeskid does so well is build songs that are complete artistic expressions of certain ideas and feelings. The piano, the soundscape, the vocal tone and words, the melody – even the structure, the space, the stops and the starts – everything works as one to represent the underlying sentiments. Both of these songs are suggestive of an artist in a league of her own entirely. Both have headed straight into the long-term playlist, and I can’t want to hear more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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