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Leyla Romanova CYBERSYMPHONY (Dedicated to Christopher Nolan)


Introducing a refreshingly original debut in the cinematic composition realm. Producer and artist Leyla Romanova devotes CYBERSYMPHONY to the iconic Christopher Nolan, and though clearly relevant in its depth and style, the track manages to simultaneously achieve a captivating level of originality along the way.

Coming in at close to seven minutes in full, CYBERSYMPHONY is ultimately a techno and trance driven track, carving out an ever-evolving soundscape while these relentless rhythms and distorted synths maintain an hypnotic loop of contemplation and rising energy. From unexpected instrumental shifts to the industrial-meets-tribal tumble of the drums during the final third, the whole thing feels like an audio movie in and of itself.

Leyla’s passion for the process is undeniable, and the experimentation and storytelling of this constantly changing arrangement makes for a compelling and interesting listen. Balancing drama and detail is key, intensity and creative appeal unite to hold attention throughout. CYBERSYMPHONY is everything its title promises, and is also nothing like you might expect.

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