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Levant Let the Fire Burn


Following the hugely impressive Beneath Rubble, Run Rivers Redthe ever-mysterious Levant return with a dark yet energizing and brilliantly immersive new single Let The Fire Burn. 

For the listeners who once reveled in the melodic metal world throughout the nineties and early noughties, this track is bound to pour through with wonderful levels of nostalgia. What’s exciting about it though is that there’s a crisp and fresh finish to the whole thing – not to mention a brand new concept, poetic and passionate, and a series of compelling performances to match.

Let The Fire Burn is a beautiful track, one that leans back and forth between near-silence and distorted intensity – making the most out of effective contrast, and keeping the story-line and the emotion alive and well at all times. The music rains down around you in a majestic fashion, those louder moments see the band scream out on your behalf – always melodic though, always accessible and welcoming, with clarity and purpose.

Each new time I hear this I love the sound a little more. Those opening moments feel like trip hop, flickers of electricity and synth-led delicacy, followed by some equally hypnotic guitar riffs and a powerful drum-line – one that remains as creative and expressive as anything else throughout the recording. Meanwhile that leading voice carries the song’s sentiment in a flawless and genuine way. Sam Graves of With One Last Breath delivers that hook as the rightful anthem it is, and the space and gentler guitar sound afterwards is incredibly satisfying thanks to an intelligent, professional arrangement.

Let The Fire Burn is stunning and already making waves online. A stand-out release from Levant and one that raises the question again as to where and when a live show from this multi-artist collective might ever come to light.

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