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Levant Carry Me Home


Carry Me Home is an explosive and heavy yet brilliantly crisp, hard-rock and metal song from Levant. The music has both weight and intricacy, evolving in detail throughout while maintaining, for the most part, that thickness and darkness required to drive the sound with absolute impact.

The opening lyrics of the song are the sort that immediately reach out and relate to any number of listeners. The inherent volume and frustration of the music and the vocal performance accompanies the feelings associated with this level of regret pretty appropriately. In addition, the chord progression that rides alongside of the melody is really strong – the distortion is met with a musically satisfying set-up, so the more you listen, the more these various moments of impressive, skillful musicianship start to take hold.

Carry Me Home is a huge song, intense and hard hitting yet incredibly well written. The structure allows things to be consistently in motion, gliding intermittently between the vaguely delicate and expressive, to the manic and inescapably passionate – this appears in both the leading vocal part and the instrumentation. The guitar work is fantastic, the riffs work hard to craft a unique and memorable soundscape, offering that necessary layer of character to make certain the whole thing sinks in.

On top of everything, the leading voice delivers the song perfectly. The opening hardcore performance contrasts effectively with the later, more intimately emotional moments, and this too fits the development of the track and the unfolding story line really well. The track also offers an immense hook section, something that literally screams out for you to embrace and remember it. It’s an addictive moment, and the more you listen to the track, the better and better it gets.

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