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Les Fradkin Reflections Of Love


Reflections of Love is a track that doesn’t simply fall into any particular category of genre. The music is beautiful in a unique and unusual manner, and from the first few moments – the sound sets a mood and conjures up certain emotions that are powerful and memorable.

One of the most slept on and perhaps most necessary components of instrumental music is to have that leading riff, that hook, which gives the track a signature sound to separate it from many of its peers. Not only does the music here build an impressive and calming soundscape, but the leading riff is instantly satisfying, addictive even – this is in the instrumental choice, in the notes, and in the effects added to enhance. The track creates an ambiance that you can lose yourself to, but rather than blend away into the sound of the world – the vague and vast art of noise – there’s a distinguishable characteristic here to latch on to, to find solace in, to familiarise yourself with. It’s this particular riff that is likely to bring listeners back time and time again, as opposed to seeking out other new age or experimental soundscapes to brighten up their day with.

The way the music builds and intensifies is clever, it allows you witness the evolution through the feelings and the instrumentation, but it does so in a way that somehow maintains that initial feeling of bliss, of calm. It’s enjoyable throughout, and there is consistent change; there’s no point at which things get tiresome, but there’s also no point at which things veer off in too strange of a direction. The thickness of the beat and the beauty of that leading riff are the thread throughout. The track allows you to become one with it, whilst still confidently leading you through the moments. It’s a strength worth shouting about, and the upcoming album is most definitely one to watch out for.

Les Fradkin’s album The New Age will be released under Bongo Boy Records in the Spring. The stunning music video for Reflections Of Love will be released on the 15th of March. Find and follow the artist on Facebook & Twitter for the update. Visit his Website for more information.

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