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LEON Cin cin


Italian artist and rapper LEON takes on the confidence and grit of hip hop with a bass-heavy deep dive into British living and fast-paced, creative freedom – introducing the uniquely intense Cin cin.

Thick production allows a mellow-paced beat to hit with unstoppable impact alongside a fast-paced vocal outpouring as Cin cin boldly emerges.

LEON’s bars lead with confidence, volume and character, with a recognisable tone detectable even amidst the language barrier.

Alongside this, the soundscape has a clear identity – dreamy layers of fragmented voice in the distance, a trap-style beat of lightly industrial origins, the sheer power of that bass-line.

The whole thing injects a level of carefree swagger and energy into the scene, with subtle poetry at work within the Italian phrasings, as well as the blatant use of contemporary hip hop references to naturally settle into the modern landscape of the genre.

The latter half sees LEON delve into more personal aspects, providing a revealing, genuine moment of vulnerability amidst the intensity and presence of elsewhere. The balance works well, and the track is easily recognisable once you’ve heard it.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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