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LeeSon Bryce Through It All (Prod. by Oblivinatti)


From the well received EP Proelium, Through It All is a track that pretty strongly represents a core sentiment of LeeSon Bryce’ songwriting and creativity. The concepts he writes about vary, but the thread is always the honesty, the story-lines that relate directly to actually experiences, and the passion in his voice. His openness is where it all begins, and the music and lyricism is the way it reaches out to you.

The musical backdrop to this track is actually far more of an inherent part of the expression than simply a beat behind the song. The artist’s ideas and the music go hand in hand. The instrumentation has a joyful brightness and bounce to it, taking a touch of jazz and a fair few hits of classic hip-hop and even EDM, the ambiance is as eclectic as it is energetic. The vocal parts that follow it along add to the intensity and pace of the music brilliantly, always keeping the flow on point, always adjusting to the surrounding rhythm and the underlying mood.

Structurally there’s a lot to appreciate about the song. The variety of influence is showcased by means of these unstoppable snippets of different genres, and it’s amplified further by the changes in pace, the fall away to the mellow, the rise back up to the manic, the switch from the rap to the melody, the numerous drops featured throughout. The creativity is limitless, and yet as stated originally – the thread is there, the realness remains, and that leading vocal has a certain character and style that undoubtedly makes itself familiar. LeeSon Bryce has the confidence and skill to carry the song with precision and emotion, and it comes through in a passionate and uplifting sort of way. Well worth checking out, a fresh take on modern hip-hop and creative music making.

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