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Lavender Hills Never Coming Back Again


Lavender Hills, the rock band from South London, have released arguably their best work yet with their latest single Never Coming Back Again. The track is a pure adrenaline thrill ride that is all parts rock and roll and zero parts concerned with what you think of it, and it’s absolutely amazing. Never Going Back Again is the pure embodiment of that ‘I’ll do what I want, and if you don’t like it that’s your problem’ rock and roll attitude, it sounds like a cross between The Gaslight Anthem and Biffy Clyro.

The entire band puts on a stellar performance on this record. The drums are subtly intricate without ever being too distracting, and the bass line perfectly accentuates the mood of the song with some tasty runs thrown in for added texture. The guitar work, from tone to solos, is top notch and works in perfect harmony with Luke Spiers’ lead vocal. Spiers’ vocal spews raw emotion and attitude as if it’s almost effortless for him. He can go from a smooth and menacing melody, to a large growl, and back to a delicate falsetto seamlessly, and he’s captivating to listen to.

Never Coming Back Again is an all too familiar tale that most people have experienced at some point in their lives. It’s a song about just being fed up with someone and no longer wanting all of their lies, excuses, and negativity in your life. Lavender Hills have perfectly captured that sense of frustration and anger that often comes along in these types of situations. They’ve done so in a way that causes anyone who may hear them to stand up and take notice; and that’s what a rock and roll band is all about.

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