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LAPP is an artist with a fresh energy and a passion for artistic expression, and if this first release is anything to go by – the next few months should hopefully bring a collection of new and notable music.

Most Doubt is a track that feels like a fresh summer breeze, one that ever so swiftly picks up and utilises every snippet of soul and passion that it passes by. The hap-hazard and jazz-like structure of the track leaves it glowing not unlike that of a hip-hop side project – a brief glimpse at something chaotic and beautiful, though in this case, the warmth of the music has a fairly solid and loyal presentation. There is poetry and soul here, oceans of each, and the genre of the music could be just about anything behind a force that fuses those two elements so intensely. A force which will, hopefully, lead to an unstoppable plethora of similar minded music.

The jazz effect is re-emphasised by the stop and start nature of the instrumentation, particularly throughout the latter half of the track. This effect allows the artist to perform in an almost freestyle-like manner; there’s a soulful creativity here, which knows no boundaries. There’s also, quite literally, a soft jazz sound mixed in among the trip-hop inspired beat, and with the artist’s leading vocal as the driving force through all of this; there’s plenty of movement, and plenty of influence – although, perhaps influence is something of an over-run or irrelevant concept these days.

We often try to attach genre and familiarity to everything in order to help ourselves understand, but with art and music, it can be so much more freeing to allow ourselves to listen with fresh ears. Within Most Doubt there could be a snippet of reggae, of jazz, of soul, of hip-hop, of R&B. Or, perhaps more accurately, there could be nothing but originality. It’s unlikely you could effectively trace the LAPP sound back to anywhere, because this is where it starts.

Most Doubt is an addictive, hypnotic piece of music that presents listeners with the incomparably raw and passionate energy of an artist with a hell of a lot to give. The voice itself has the crackle and swagger of any great soul vocal, but there’s also a rock & roll edge to it, and this adds character. Furthermore, real passion is something that can’t be faked. People can hear the truth in a voice laid bare, and when you also stir in a little authentic and original lyricism, there’s really nothing left to worry about.

The lyrics expressed throughout this track are undeniably striking. At times there’s a poetic and distant imagery to them, at other times a harsh and up-front honesty – it’s rare to see two different sides of the writing sword polished up in a single track, but once again, it fits in perfectly with the jazz-drenched undertone of the whole project.

Skipping stones, skipping stones on midnight waters

Reflecting clouds rippling back to her hometown..

* * *

Why do these half clever boys that rhyme surround me,

When all the minerals of man are so plain?

LAPP, the former front man of Wild Rossa And The ’88, is creating a beautifully unique sound, mixed in amidst an inescapably honest and deeply reflective set of ideas. It’s thought provoking, potentially doused in darkness – as the truth often is – yet somehow still sounds like the optimistic approach of a dream. A great way to see in the sunshine of a brand new year.

Most Doubt comes out on February 9th. Make sure to find and follow LAPP on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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