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Lanie Laynz April’s Fool


Retro guitar pop with an equally nostalgic lyric-video to reinforce that yesteryear emo energy – Lanie Laynz recaptures the fun and jovial scorn of a simpler time, with the upbeat anthem April’s Fool.

Self-defined as a guitar driven and ‘slightly bratty pop rock song’, April’s Fool depicts an artist with a clear love for the pop-punk era and the freedom of making music for the sheer joy and expression of the process.

The single has a uniquely long-form melodic verse section, a story unafraid to reflect distastefully on past experiences, but a voice also humble mixed to gift things a sort of hypnotic musical frontline; one that feels way more uplifting than its lyrics would otherwise allow.

Contemporary references bring things back to the modern scene, this fuzzy electrified rock setting and the accessible vocals all proving timeless if a little chaotic within the high-octane mix and performance of the song.

Things also move quite uniquely from hopeful to more uncertain during the brief switch to a minor key, all in all presenting a song that’s familiar but not – inspired but not tied down by the legends of music’s past.

Coming in at just past the four minute mark, April’s Fool utilises a descending tune for the verses, alongside power chords progressing in the same direction, and resolves this sense of rising anticipation with a more angsty and even gritty pre-chorus; before we drop into the confidence and overcoming of the hook.

Lanie Laynz captures a fresh take on the pop-punk and pop-rock realms – it will be interesting to hear where else the music takes us in the coming months and years.

Download or stream April’s Fool. Find Lanie Laynz on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Bandcamp.

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