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Land Again


Italian electronic outfit Land have released an EP of originals that impressively introduces their unique fusion of past and present approaches to electronic music and songwriting.

Beginning with the ambient and cinematic, multi-layered tones of Again, the band lead with a dreamlike delicacy, calming rhythms, and a smooth, characterful leading voice that adds a definite touch of recognizability to their work. Lyrically there’s plenty to consider here and indeed throughout the EP. The lyrics have a certain profound level of awareness and depth – they fascinate, offer honesty and vulnerability, and this is easy to connect with and feel understood by.

Through These Cities (Daily Rework) holds on to those now-familiar threads but presents a notably more melancholic, dreamy vibe. The vocal stands back a little, the instrumental details rain down around you, and lyrical fragments of love and reflection weave in and out of the mix. This is an early highlight for its fine balance between alternative artistry and that which is a little more widely accessible and memorable.

The Revealer picks up the pace and immediately intrigues and appeals for its seductive bass-line, meandering retro synth, and the near-whispered, gradually intensifying spoken word verse. The further you get into the playlist, the more creative and expressive Land show themselves to be. This song is beautiful, utilizing space and contrast in blissfully calming levels, yet still managing to mystify and hold your interest.

Again (Out Of Control) lives up to its name and injects a mighty hit of high energy and pace into the project. Lyrical minimalism adds an element of calm but also works well to haunt the listener with these hints of ideas. Arrangement-wise this beautifully chaotic moment comes in at just the right time. The track evolves incredibly well, professionalism and creativity fuse with passion to offer something decidedly immersive.

Through These Cities (By Train) follows on and gifts the listener a near-ten-minute journey through electronic beauty and depth of thought. A track that feels like a short film in itself, the experience allows you to really lose yourself in the moment. Something of a grower, perhaps, but ultimately an absolute highlight from this project. Brilliant production. Hints of Depeche Mode emerge alongside of flickers of Unkle and Massive Attack alike.

Unexpectedly driving with an array of detail, scene-setting and story-telling, The Revealer (From Berlin) seeks to create a fully captivating experience around you, whispering ideas but also surrounding you with yet another beautifully original soundscape. With each revisit to this EP you’re likely to notice something new, something you hadn’t picked up on before – this is thanks to the level of skill and consideration that has gone into the making of every single track.

Again (I.T.L Remix) brings the EP to a close with a slightly more classic dance-pop vibe. A moment of recognisable, anthem-like resolve, the song reminds you of where things began, and further cements the fact that Land are easily a go-to electronic act right now, with both production and songwriting aiming high and always hitting the mark. Absolutely worth exploring.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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