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Ladonna Rama Zentai Suit, Vol. 2 (Remixes)


Effectively transporting listeners back to the days of retro synths, sci-fi sound-play and big beats, Ladonna Rama offers story-telling, scene-setting, and ambient, rhythmic escapism for classic dance and alternative pop fans far and wide.

Zentai Suit takes a cleverly conceptual, memorable approach to songwriting and production. The image and idea in itself quickly leaves its mark, then you get the two contrasting vocal parts, this conversational, intimate interaction, and the theatrical promise of and anticipation for a little excitement later on. It’s an implication that’s more than delivered upon, as the original track makes its way through various quieter stages towards the entrancing groove of later.

Not content with merely a single version of the song, this release brings five mixes of Zentai Suit, celebrating its own inherent creativity with a series of moments that draw focus to the different strengths and traits of the original track. That distorted, deep vocal tone and the spoken word lyricism is a huge part of it – wherever you find yourself, the line I’ll be the one in blue stands out and grips right before the ultimate drop. Another is the sound of these nostalgic, even vintage synths, and the rising melody that creates a dreamlike, uplifting aura. Underneath all of this, varying drum-lines and layers help make the whole thing appeal to the numerous sub-genres of EDM.

The Electric Blue Remix is an early highlight, showcasing multiple layers of juxtaposed synth-lines, rising and falling, raining down all around you in a beautifully chaotic, energising manner. Puppet Master Remix takes this even further, emerging as a stunning arena of dance-ready warmth and shiver-inducing, euphoric EDM bliss. A powerful moment and a definite personal highlight – the addictive embrace of original dance music engages and hypnotises in an instant.

Then there are the creative flickers of alternative, spacious and industrial, unpredictable pathways offered by Worms Remix and the closing track Vacant Situation Mix; the latter of which features a manipulated version of the original vocal, effectively building a haunting and increasingly intense alternative, with a siren-like backdrop to further that rising weight.

Choose any at will, or listen through the entire release – eclecticism and familiarity unite to impressive degrees, where both attention to detail and a clear overall understanding of what works in production walk hand in hand every step of the way.

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