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Ladonna Rama Stuck In The Groove


The unmistakable sound of Ladonna Rama returns this month with a song that welcomes a dash of electric guitar and a notably more angsty, emotionally resentful tone that attempts to take back control and self-empowerment.

The new sound is a notable step away from the more digital, in-the-box tones previously standing tall in Ladonna Rama’s music. This electronic rock approach makes for a more accessible, perhaps authentic live sound, and gives the track a further hint of character and engaging musicality.

Blending that unwillingness to submit any longer, with a subtle air of comedy that blends well with this eighties, psychedelic dance vibe, the song progresses with a fairly mellow, hypnotic groove, and a low-toned, effected vocal that provides a relevant performance; in keeping with the questioning and declarative lyrics.

It ain’t my fault if your high heels are busted, It ain’t my fault if you got curds in your custard

Stuck In The Groove is a mildly dark, alternative dance and alt-pop track, which brings in multiple layers of unexpected effects, lyrical repeats, and sounds; often other worldly.

The latter half in particular sees things get particularly experimental, the vocal line increasing its dominance, and various other details accompanying it to create a swirling, chaotic conclusion to the entire journey. The live show is undoubtedly where things would really come into their own.

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