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La Roboká Maskalicious


After hearing this EP, there’s no denying that La Roboká have a sound that’s purely theirs. The opening track alone pours through with such a fine display of contrast – operatic vocals meet with retro synths and high-energy drum lines, all of which creates an almost sci-fi-like, cinematic explosion before you.

Being that the two forces behind this project are classic soprano singer Lady K, and film composer Robulus, it makes sense for the result to be of such a notably creative and multi-layered aura. Bipolar is the opener and hits you hard with this unique fusion of rhythm, depth and artistry.

Bright Star afterwards mellows things out a little, a more spacious composition with a smooth and beautiful vocal line. A select few flickers of additional voices and details help warm up the outer edges. This is a definite early highlight, a gorgeous piece of music, an entrancing performance, and a series of lyrics that captivate in unison with the calming embrace of the soundscape.

Misophonic kicks up with a quickly likable groove, one that falls away briefly to lay bare the delicate intricacies of Lady K’s voice. The lyrics are personal, self-reflective and intriguing all at once. As things progress, the performance and the music gather momentum and intensity, actually feeling reminiscent of The Dresden Dolls in some ways. You’re prompted to consider the live show aspect, something the band would likely excel at if these arrangements and performances are to be as expressive as they sound here.

There’s a mildly theatrical nature to many of these songs, the track Seriously encompasses this well – a structurally meandering piece with dramatic and varied performances that creatively separate the sections within. Certain production details help reinforce this approach, holding close to that cinematic vibe while still maintaining a sense of intention and relevant artistry.

Only You brings the EP to a close and is another musical highlight. The dreamlike ambiance and these poetic, unpredictable and intimate lyrics create a compelling audio experience that again feels very real and in the moment; like a live performance. As the track progresses, the quirky nature of the verses is overcome by the satisfying and uplifting resolve of the hook. A hint of the German language and an instrumental reinvention later add extraordinary dynamic during the final minute.  A fascinating song, musically brilliantly and melodically appealing – a strong way to finish what is a wonderfully unusual and categorically free collection of creative compositions.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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