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KYZR Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Me


Celebrating the beauty of love and the simultaneous value of taking time to be by yourself, producer duo KYZR blend genres with unmistakable confidence and style – approaching the topics less talked about in a relatable and impressively catchy way.

Emerging something like an eighties power ballad with likable twists of rock and infectious modern pop, Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Me is something of a perfectly crafted indie hit; with a welcomed edge of character and mildly theatrical performance. It’s a uniquely heartfelt and captivating style, musically faultless – somewhat made to meet with other media or TV productions, should the opportunity arise. Furthermore, it introduces a clearly talented and interesting original band.

Brothers Stefan and Marcel make up the creative duo KYZR, an act who recently launched their second album Beauty Comes Crashing Down. Their sound is impressively distinct, unmistakable in its fusion of indie rock and pop tendencies, with harmonised voices balancing delicacy and power across an often anthemic arrangement of original songwriting. These qualities are brilliantly exemplified throughout the mid-album single Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Me.

Live drums and guitars create a shoulder-swaying rock groove that initially feels like something from a classic biker film, soon followed by a long-form melody, and quirky vocal harmonies that represent much more of a boy-band like feel; just briefly. Then we progress, the passion builds, and we wind up in a kind of Panic! At the Disco realm with dashes of the mighty Queen.

In short, The KYZR is creatively its own thing – enjoyable and uplifting, and quickly inviting in terms of the live show appeal. Here’s hoping the band hit the road sometime soon.

Download or stream Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Me. Find KYZR on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & their Website.

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