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The music of Kyle Walz has a deeply real and natural sound to it. The track It’s A Shame is the one under the spotlight right now, bringing forward a genuinely quite unique sounding performance of the blues.

There’s an inherently rhythmic nature to this song; at times it feels like jazz, or maybe even pop, but then at the heart of it – you can hear the blues; in the guitar pattern, and in that vocal, you can feel it.

Kyle Walz has a smooth yet somewhat gravelly singing voice, one that really feels like it’s been taken from a rock and roll band, and given just an acoustic guitar and a quiet room within which to express itself. That’s a good thing, definitely – it sounds stylish, perfectly blues-like, soft, yet lightly doused in angst, and genuinely soulful – a natural sounding kind of soul.

After a few listens you get the melody of that hook caught in your mind, and the great thing is that the music drops away and starts back up again as and when it needs to – there’s a very specific structure to Kyle Walz’ song writing style, and this is one of the most effective things about it. It’s blues music, sure, but there’s so much else to listen to here. It’s blues music for the new world, something that feels homely, familiar, yet requires you to open your mind a little and accept the new sound of today.

There are sixteen tracks on the Diffused album, including a few live versions, and the music is so hugely varied and at times quite experimental, that you really need to just grab a copy for yourself and get stuck in. Under Your Feet seems to fuse a massively blues-rock soul with an unexpected, synth-heavy, electronic distortion – the meeting of genres atop a hugely infectious melody. The variation is quite immense, but then again, the thread of Kyle Walz’ vocal performance keeps it all feeling very blues-like, very real.

There’s a hint of folk music in the album, in the sense that some real moments of story telling shine brightly – in tracks like Sad Songs Are Easy To Write. It’s not a soppy, softly finger-picked acoustic track – it has a heaviness to it that is blues rock through and through. This is the kind of artist you want to witness performing live, without a doubt.

From a song writing perspective, these are the inner thoughts and feelings of someone with a completely new take on the world, which is, in itself, always worth spending some time listening to. New music is massively indicative of the art the people of the world are creating. It’s worthwhile to pay attention.

Listen to and take home your copy of the album today, over at CDBaby. Find and follow Kyle Walz on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud – look out for new releases and live shows. Visit his Website to find out more about him.

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