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Kyle Jaymes Haunting


Long-time favourite and easily one of indie’s most engaging songwriters from recent years, Kyle Jaymes leans into the anthemic uplift of Folk Rock, with the brilliantly captivating new single Haunting.

Always distinct vocally and always one of the only lyricists to hold attention throughout any new track, Kyle Jaymes maintains his eclecticism as an independent artist, and yet also holds close to those essential roots of identity in voice, topic, and energy. Haunting is completely different once again to his recent releases, but is no less recognisable, and offers a refreshingly anthemic twist of optimism and uplift during its build to the chorus.

From acoustic beginnings, we’re drawn in by these personal revelations and scenes – ‘I like to stomp through my apartment’ feels both original and strangely relatable. For the indie fanatics, the writing style and long-form melodic progressions of Kyle Jaymes are a little similar to the likes of Roe Kapara, only here we always get an intriguing sense of purpose in how things develop. The chorus resolves the scenes and sentiments accordingly, and delivers a celebratory moment that’s both conceptually juxtaposed and musically satisfying.

Not only a great songwriter but a beautiful vocalist and composer, Kyle Jaymes showcases the best of his abilities with Haunting. The song builds up with precision and passion, dropping down to the folk shuffle of each verse, before exploding back into action – always organically – for another return to that infectious hook.

Fascinating and likable, a dash of influence perhaps from Of Monsters And Men, Haunting is easy to appreciate as both an acoustic and full band single, and naturally leaves its melody and groove lingering in the mind after the music has ended.

Kyle Jaymes is one of the most inspiring independent artists around right now – the work ethic and talent continue to impress, and originality rings loud; alongside a clear audience awareness that allows his songs to consistently connect.

Check him out on Spotify – tens of thousands of streams and counting, with greater impact for each new release and every month that passes by.

Listen to our Stickman Sessions Podcast Episode with Kyle Jaymes. Find Kyle Jaymes on TikTok, Instagram & Bandcamp.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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