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Kshaw GoodMornin? (Prod. Abel Petit)


Kshaw’s GoodMornin features a laid-back leading vocal riding alongside of a supremely mellow and stylish beat, all of which comes through as a simplistic or minimal sort of sound that introduces the artist with clarity and character.

The European-style guitar part has an easy going and hypnotic quality that offers a fresh approach to hip-hop. It also gives audiences something memorable and recognisable to hold on to, a signature sound to know the track by. On top of this the leading voice has plenty about it that adds personality, so the whole thing has a definite stamp of identity.

The artist’s leading vocal has a notably rhythmic flow, also adding to that hypnotic element. It’s an unwavering flow, always riding the beat, always with something to say – mellow in nature, presenting some interesting lyrics and a few changes in tone and the general level of passion, all of which puts forth a fairly clever sense of structure.

The track has a few moments of melody, a few variables in terms of the effects used on the vocal, though nothing too overbearing. It’s a humble release with plenty of style and confidence, not to mention a great set of vibes; a strong moment of music and an artist to follow for anyone seeking out independent hip-hop that speaks for itself, of its own, carefree truth.

The production on the track is on point, the mix allows each moment to shine as it should but all the while maintains that easy going energy and holds up the good vibes; the smoothness and the crisp sense of character are represented in equal parts. Lyrically you’re likely to take away the concept of enjoyment over material things, and yet in addition, the final few moments of lyricism touch on something much darker and of notable depth – a hint of things to come perhaps, an artist with something else to say; a further dash of realness and a clever way to finish.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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