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Kroissenbrunner & Jamit Masala Bazaar


The one and only Jamit collaborates with Kroissenbrunner for this uniquely creative alternative dance track. There are hints of Jamit’s style throughout, bringing a familiarity and sense of character that’s so often prevalent in his work. At the same time, there’s a fresh feel to the whole thing – dashes of experimental and world music line the outer edges. There’s also a generally quiet or mellow aura to the piece – as well as a notable sense of movement and growth as it progresses.

Masala Bazaar is a track that brings together Jamit’s arrangement skills and Kroissenbrunner’s sound creation and contribution. You can hear this change in set-up as the layers do feel completely unpredictable. What’s great about it though is that it works – the collaboration makes sense, both artists have a clearly shared intention and direction with the track, so it hits and gathers you up as you listen.

Classic dance music in the depth of the night is the blanket under which this kind of release naturally settles. As always, there are flickers of inspiration from across the globe, not least of all shown through the vocal fragments that are in Zulu – these are actually the names of spices, a quirky nod to the track’s title and underlying concept. There’s a lightness to the sentiment so nothing too heavy lays on the mind as you listen – the perfect kind of escapism for those who like to lose themselves on the dance floor or in the early, isolated hours of the day.

I’m a fan of this, it flows well, it fills the room in a smooth and subtly hypnotic fashion – very easy to listen two or three times over and let the mind wander in the process. It’s always a pleasure to delve into something new from Jamit, and in this case it’s an added joy to discover the work of Kroissenbrunner in the process.

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