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Kristin Rebecca Siren’s Call


Siren’s Call is the latest offering from harpist and singer Kristin Rebecca. The sound of the harp is something that is constantly associated with the ayres of the composers of the Renaissance era, most famously John Dowland (listen to the beautiful Flow My Tears). This is something that Rebecca certainly does not shy away from, and in fact, appropriates and engages with in a mature and endearing way.

The cover video for her Facebook profile couples Siren’s Call with images similar to raindrops and flowing water. This is certainly an image I associate with the opening few bars of the song, with the high, drizzling repetitions of the introduction ebbing into a more flowing verse. As with Folk music, the instrumental and general contour of the melody repeats so that the most importance is placed on the text, in which Rebecca alluringly depicts an image of a Siren on the rocks, distracting those that are near, almost as if she is the siren herself.

Siren’s Call is a nicely written song that is perfect for those wishing to listen to more music of this nature; her voice is appropriate for the style of music, yet unique enough so as to modernise and invite others to listen. Rebecca is currently touring the USA, and with compositions such as this, I’m sure she will continue to captivate audiences far and wide.

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Andy is a composer & producer from Newcastle upon Tyne. After graduating with a Master's degree from University, Andy is now working in recording studios local to his area & spending time writing reviews & articles on all aspects of music, recently completing a music tutorial eBook on how to use the music notation software, Sibelius. Andy also plays in Synthpop duo Drive.

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