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KORI keeps soulful rock alive with this gradually intensifying, acoustic performance for his single Core. Taking things step by step from the offset, the opening guitar work is beautiful – ambiently stunning, recorded to sound crisp and clean, and musically impressive from a technical perspective as well.

KORI’s voice is the next thing to grab you, this softly raspy vocal sings clearly and expresses vulnerability and passion intertwined. After this, the lyrics really start to sink in – the song gathers momentum slowly but surely, never overstepping the mark or becoming anything irrelevant or overly attention grabbing. The whole thing feels like a very natural exploration of the central sentiments of the writing. And on top of all of this, providing the absolute icing on the cake, is the song’s clever and final resolve to the hook – that key and title line. It’s unexpected, a refreshing structural set-up that screams creativity and adds an essential element of memorable melody to really let the song leave its mark.

For those of us who still venture back through old footage of rock legends performing unplugged and baring their souls on the stage, KORI offers precisely those qualities, but he does so by means of a brand new approach – a new set of ideas, a new sound and a musically entrancing style. The singer pours so much heart into the process and when the passion reaches its peak his voice more than meets the needs of the moment. He screams out on behalf of everyone who’s ever felt the love and conflict expressed in this song.

A brilliant track, one you need to listen to in full to really get the best experience from – once you’re there, you’re pretty likely to find yourself hooked.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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