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Kolade Olamide Ayodeji Living and Loving Each Other


Kolade Olamide Ayodeji has released a two track EP entitled Living and Loving Each Other. With each single comes a fully creative, professionally produced video that explores the story-line and reiterates the sentiment of the song, and within each song – a world of well crafted music and positive energy surrounds you.

Beginning with the title track, the music that unfolds has the dreamlike ambiance of the most effective and powerful summer dance releases of recent years. The soundscape is beautiful, the synths chosen to represent the key riffs offer something completely fresh, a signature stamp of identity, and simultaneously add something memorable and continuously stylish to the mix. The production is out of this world, and as the track develops, every moments stands tall in its own right – surrounding you with good vibes, a smooth, easy going, end of summer energy, and that’s before we even get to the sentiment and sound of the song’s lyricism.

The leading vocal featured on the track settles into the soundscape brilliantly. It’s a strong yet subtle voice that accompanies the arena of music and emotion superbly, carrying that melody with grace and skill, and lifting the remaining edges of the experience up to much higher plains. The whole thing gives off an undeniably positive mood that passes on to you with ease as you listen. The meeting of the music and the meaning behind the song has been perfectly portrayed, and as a complete piece of art – it works incredibly well.

Trap In The Night is a completely different piece of music in many ways. The leading vocal style remains fairly similar, in terms of the tone and the levels within the mix, and actually – the way the track develops and evolves has a familiar feel to it now. Once again though, the production features an entirely fresh set of synths and riffs. There’s a simplicity to the leading riff that holds ties with the prior song, but the overall sound and mood of the piece is somewhere else.

The concept of the song in itself is something that seems much further left of the expected, so you your focus is on the lyrics and the melody in this case, as opposed to being blissfully caught up in the powerful energy of the music as is more so the case with the prior song. The lyrics of this one and the progression of short, snappy chords makes for something quite heavily pop influenced. The piano adds an organic and very real element that brings out a certain brightness within the song and adds a touch of raw musicality that works really well.

For such a short collection the artist has done an incredible job of showcasing a range of abilities and a broad scope of intent and musical desire. The contrast between the two is hugely effective in capturing and holding onto the audience’s attention. The former has the stylish, free-flowing energy of a dreamy and seductive piece, complete with overwhelmingly good vibes and a flawless finish that allows you to turn it up as loudly as possible and immerse yourself in the sound. The latter offers something more in the way of a unique melody and concept, which actually comes through further with the accompanying video. In both cases, the artistry and the professionalism outshine many of the world’s independent producers when it comes to successfully fusing songwriting and style. The music is everything it needs to be, and then some.

There’s a powerful sense of positivity to the collection, an uplifting and empowering feeling of possibility, and for those who seek to discover and embrace new and consistently impressive EDM-driven songwriting – this is the place to be. Well worth exploring.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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