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Creative duo KNIVES & SINNITEE delve into the industrial production realm with unexpectedly dreamy intentions, throughout this artistically fresh and musically captivating new album.

Ten original tracks, beginning with the ethereal and interesting TRACTORS, take listeners on a journey through the depths of human emotion and external elements alike. This opener barely scrapes past the one-minute mark, yet immediately blends machine-like rhythms with organic piano flair and lashings of reverb.

NASCAR3000 follows and suddenly we’re into the meat of the project. Enter a drum and bass backbone and warped, other-worldly synth-strings, contrasting the increasing gabber-like intensity of the rhythm with cinematically warmer waves of contemplation. This one feels extensive after the opener, but in reality it is again fairly brief – just over two minutes. KNIVES & SINNITEE make fine use of the creative space throughout JUNK.

Elsewhere tracks like JETFUEL! raise the roof (and the pulse) all the more so, with meandering retro bass and up front DnB rhythms for a crisp connection and nostalgic sense of distance all at once. From outside the gates to right up in front of the speaker, the rave scene calls out, the latter half even welcomes a touch of euphoric synth-play to remind listeners of the melodic aspect and indeed the professionalism and relevance of this project within its chosen genres. Knowledge and passion intertwine effectively, and the music proves increasingly addictive, refreshingly unpredictable, and always awakening to experience at volume.

Other highlights include the gritty electro-chaos and intertwined calm of noise lemon, a little Massive Attack-like during its enchanting evolution, and the guitar-led delicacy of EVERYONE – melodic, hypnotic and vocally guided, juxtaposed with its surroundings again for impressive impact. Here we see a different corner of creativity draw focus, KNIVES & SINNITEE showcasing a clear love for music and expression, regardless of style or tempo. Intention is key, and the music simply follows suit.

ARCADIA too draws attention to this unique pairing of an industrial, vintage pulse and comforting waves of melody and ambient embrace. The trip hop realm allows the mind to wander, the music familiar yet fascinating, professional and quirky all at once – neither quality taking anything away from the other.

The project JUNK maintains this sense of opposition or aptly reflective change throughout, and as such, makes for one of the most appealing and authentically original albums to hit the scene this year.

Grab the album via Apple. Check out SINITEE & KNIVES on Twitter / TW, IG / IG & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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