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K!NG Pablo Blood On My Hands


K!NG Pablo paints up a creative soundscape for this single Blood On My Hands. The ambiance is totally unusual, bringing together a thick and heavy beat – one that meanders in its own seemingly free manner – and some retro synths that feel a little medieval in nature.

The whole track progresses in an unconfined, unpredictable way – there’s no stable structure that can be easily related to, instead this feels like a short film or a piece of theatre. However, the further into it you get, the more familiar these various building blocks become – including Pablo’s voice – and the more the journey starts to make sense.

This sort of creative freedom is rare at present, particularly in hip hop. There are a number of factors that make this track unique, and when all is said and done – you’re likely to recognise it when the music starts up. There’s a sense of artistry to everything about the song – to the musicality, the changing stages, the passion in the vocal, and the lyrics. There’s also a level of theatre to the delivery and the second vocal fragments that echo certain ideas.

The whole thing has a hard-hitting, dramatic feel, but there’s also plenty of space – you can focus on the select few layers one by one until you fully grasp the concept. I do not like being forced to cut off friends is one of the stand out lines that stays with you after listening. There’s an intensity for sure, which reinforces the story-line and the feelings associated with it in a fitting way. The style in which K!NG Pablo fuses melody and rap, sometimes within a single line, adds even more to the overall personality of the single.

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