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Klef Mikaydo Showtime


Klef Mikaydo’s Showtime immediately transports me to the best times of my life. It’s a little known fact that I was a member of a certain type of Greek organization in college, and one of the perks was always being privy to the latest hits before they dropped. See, the DJ’s we hired would have access to the songs, like Showtime, that were about to blow up. The first place most people would hear these songs, aside from private clubs, was in a dark basement packed with a few hundred coeds going hard.

Klef Mikaydo, with his lyricism and beats, has concocted a song so incredibly relatable, so incredibly sexy, that you can’t help but feel the urge to roll a blunt and pregame with a house full of beautiful women waiting to dance the night away. Showtime has all the makings of an immediate underground success, and void of the politics and dis-game so eminent in today’s rap. Showtime is a pure hit. With a catchy hook, an undeniable beat, and the sexiest mainstream-style lyrics since Young Money’s Bedrock, I give it days, maybe weeks, until this song is on every radio station in America, by request alone.

The bass hits hard, and the beat is insanely addictive. The imagery conjured by Mikaydo is so incredibly graphic and unyielding that the song itself makes you search your phone for every person you can pack in a room to enjoy a few drinks – some loud, and some Showtime. Be it a basement downtown or a club uptown, Showtime will be the back-beat to every well-deserved one night stand for as long as we let it.

With funny, witty references to pop culture, video games, and colloquialisms interwoven into a tapestry of love and lust – Showtime proves Klef Mikaydo’s mastery of music and lifestyle, and his undeniable ability to mix and master a release that will undoubtedly be the soundtrack to every 20-something’s best night out for an entire generation.

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