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KJFocus You Made Me (EP)


Heavy intentions meet with a classically immersive, melodic manner of sound-design and song-writing as KJFocus kicks off a deeply honest, emotive EP with the superb track Emotions.

Featuring a nostalgic bassline and beat, equally vintage vocal pairings for a true sense of unity and depth, and a sax-led soundscape with layers of gospel voicing, the song is structurally interesting and holds attention for its various changes and indeed the passion and openness of the rap.

Stylishly impressive, refreshingly authentic – a strong start, and things continue to engage throughout the project.

Saxophone proves a likable calling card, a constant trait that KJFocus has mastered to a blissfully consuming level, yet even so it’s far from a singular means of identity. Design is crucial, purpose too, and the music consistently sets the mood in a way that’s a pleasure to escape into.

Get It Right makes use of a lighter clap for a rhythm, a faster pace, multiple layers of melodic instrumental, and a sudden switch in style at the half-way point – all of which has an addictively interesting, energising quality, and quickly prompts you to turn up the volume.

Consider the creative freedom that acts like Outkast once showcased, and weave in a musicality and personal truth that feels fresh, all the more unique, and easy to get lost within.

Baby Powder finishes up the short EP with a smooth sax and keys presentation and a catchy bass-lead. The production is superb, incredibly moving yet crisp and clean enough to really envelop listeners. KJFocus proves impossible to predict or pigeon-hole, and that quality is rare when promised alongside such passion and professionalism.

As an additional hit of connection, the single and video for Picture Perfect captivate in a profoundly compelling way. The visuals are stunning, the simple act of performance whilst strolling through a graffiti-coloured street with a brightly patterned shirt to match the beauty and optimism of the scene and indeed the music. The whole thing is seductive, passionate, precise and softly powerful as it rains down.

Stunning music, in short – an artist and musician at the very top of his game.

Download or stream You Made Me here. Check out KJFocus on Twitter, TikTok, Soundcloud & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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