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King in The Belly Augusta’s Limits


King in The Belly describe their latest single as being inspired by the sheer energy and experience of one of the main streets in São Paulo (Brazil) – Rua Augusta. With or without the backstory, the song sets an appealing scene – musically and lyrically – though with it you’re given a little more context and realness, which ultimately offers a stronger connection.

The Brazilian / Australian band that is King in The Belly have a great sound – the simple organic set-up of an indie rock outfit but with great, gritty vocals, and a genuine passion for songwriting. So many bands work towards mastering their instruments without having anything new or real or satisfying to offer from a songwriting perspective. In this case, you absolutely get the best of everything.

The band have an addictively raw and authentic rock sound that’s quickly inviting. Hearing just this one release draws you over to seek out more. It’s nothing stylistically ground-breaking, but it’s the sound of a band who are naturally inclined to do this – you can hear it in every flicker of character that is the riffs and the voice and the melody and the lyricism. Things build up effectively from the verse to the hook, and that rising energy represents well the underlying inspiration for the song.

Time to lose your inhibitions… 

Stream the single on Spotify. Find & follow King in The Belly on Instagram. The artwork for the single was made in 8 bits by designer Raoni Teixeira; in the style of video-games from the 80’s.

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