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Kina – The First Italian Artist To Reach 1 Billion Streams On Spotify With An Original Song


Gracing the airwaves at unprecedented levels, achieving the multi-platinum status the vast majority of indie artists can only dream about, Italian producer Kina has reached immense new heights, with the groundbreaking success of his dreamy and intimate lo-fi single Get You The Moon.

Since its release, the ambient and evocative, soulful modern single Get You The Moon has made waves across TikTok’s ‘For You’ pages and gone viral on Soundcloud. Fans have connected on a vast scale with its exploration of and gratitude for love, its atmospheric relevance, and the intricate fusion of melancholy and immersive vibes. As such, Kina has become the first ever Italian artist to reach one billion streams on Spotify for an original single, and has rightfully attracted the attention of numerous renowned labels – even securing a re-release under Columbia Records.

After noting 450 days in Spotify Global Daily Charts, Get You The Moon is officially certified Platinum in seven countries, and Gold in five more. Kina has evolved from the familiar Soundcloud artist to an international star, and his efforts and success resound as an ode to the power of the online realm when great songwriting and production crosses its path.

“I didn’t look for fame, for success, or clicks. I just wanted to express myself”. – Kina

Find Kina on Instagram, Soundcloud, TikTok & X or visit his Website.

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