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Kidokami Keep It Simple


An ever-creative Kidokami gets melodic and intense throughout a chaotically beautifully, immersive and artistically unique Keep it Simple.

Notably juxtaposing its title with the apparent complexity and fullness of the sound, yet perhaps holding close to a select few essentials from a production perspective, the track is immediately likeable for its unique layering, and increasingly immersive and interesting for its unpredictable structure and boldly evolving energy.

The mid-section of Keep It Simple is quite sublime, this reverb-drenched, piano-led moment of calm and underwater-style ambiance is dreamy, hypnotic and alluring – the ultimate effect of which is that the subsequent drop back into colour and chaos is brilliantly impactful.

Simple piano repeats and flickers of guitar, bass, synth, distortion and various rhythmic hits all make up the track – kept simple in essence, combined to offer something much more vast seeming.

Always a producer worth stopping for, Kidokami creates from a place of passion first and foremost, and stylishly unites this approach with faultless ability at the digital desk. The result is consistently a sense of originality and audience connection combined, and Keep It Simple speaks volumes on behalf of that.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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