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Kid Fre$h BAG SZN


Kid Fre$h storms on to the scene with this project in a genuinely impressive way. His skill and professionalism as a hip hop artist is clear from the offset, BAG SZN sounds crisp, clean yet heavy – musically and performance-wise. That leading vocal is superb, easily up there with the best right now in terms of the flow and the energy and the wordplay.

The story-line takes a back seat a little on this opening track but that’s something you get to delve deeper into as the album progresses – Kid Fre$h is unafraid to write with depth, emotion and purpose. That all comes through as the playlist moves on. This particular track though knows exactly what it intends to put out. The point of it is that bounce, that groove and that high energy – it feels like a fresh beat and something of an anthem for escapism and togetherness within the moment. The clean finish makes it all the more easy to lose yourself there.

The music sounds genuinely fresh, colourful and vibrant – the performances on top of this are perfectly in tune with the essence of the track and the confidence and subtle swagger required to carry it through with authenticity. As far as indie hip hop releases have gone for 2019 to date, Kid Fre$h without a doubt offers something up there with the best of them. His delivery as a rapper suggests a natural and unwavering connection to the art-form – this is what he does and what he’ll keep doing regardless of what happens next. There’s nothing forced about the whole thing, the set-up is powerful, inspiring, and this opening track presents a definite air of motivational possibility that works hard to energize and uplift its audience. Absolutely worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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