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Kevin Rumley VI EP


Dream-pop and shoegaze united across a melodic and ethereal tapestry of song and performance. Marine veteran Kevin Rumley approaches music from a uniquely devastating yet boldly hopeful angle, with the evocative and immersive project VI.

Having served in the Marines in 2004, Kevin and his closest friends were hit by an improvised explosive device, seeing the latter perish and leaving Kevin fighting to survive. This event impacted his entire future in every possible way, and as such, music became an unparalleled tool for healing and acceptance.

The EP VI marks twenty years since that fateful day, and provides a deeply enchanting, heart-breaking yet beautiful ode to optimism, togetherness, and the celebration of life.

Highlights from the EP include the profoundly powerful and euphoric Never Be Alone (a near-instrumental tearjerker), the softer indie rock tones of Poverty, and the soulful acoustic and passionate closer For Clifford.

The lyrics in every case are distant, the voice quietly mixed amidst a plethora of other sounds and voices, but the mood and emotions of each track transcend that need for a literal explanation. Kevin has crafted this with purpose and pleasure, and in turn gifts his audience the same sense of escapism and connection he sought out during the process.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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