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Kesselhaut The Girl Behind The Mask


Multi-layered and instrumentally vibrant, Kesselhaut sets the bar with a strong groove and catchy tune, for The Girl Behind the Mask.

Featuring colourful production uniting organic bass, guitar, keys and rhythms, along with accessible, indie-rock style vocals with a welcomed smoothness, The Girl Behind The Mask enthralls on its musical merits alone the first time you hear it. Whether you speak the language or not, the passionate delivery and meandering bass promise an engaging realm that naturally lifts the mood, and alongside this we’re blessed with complex and beautiful piano-work – a little Cornflake Girl reminder coming to light – and a superb structure that again reinforces the strength of the band’s songwriting.

Skilfully-crafted but also simply good fun to get immersed within, The Girl Behind The Mask is ultimately a song of intrigue and mystery, adoration and desire, and those relatable, familiar implications help naturally elevate an already addictive groove and melody.

Built with precision and purpose, we move from sultry, mellow verses, through to an explosive resolve that once more cements the Kesselhaut ability to weave alluring and memorable audio webs.

Backed by a set of visuals depicting its live performance, the new single ticks a whole lot of boxes, and quickly prompts interest in the tour – no doubt the music comes to life all the more so on stage. Well worth a few streams this season.

Check out the German Version here. Find BERND BRIDGES on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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