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Keren Botaro Free Bird


Keren Botaro’s Free Bird is a stunningly soulful journey through realization and regret. The track rises up brilliantly from the opening delicacy and intrigue of that quietly presented title idea, to the full-throttle soul-rock energy of a soundscape and vocal that unitedly blow the roof off.

The set-up is incredibly refreshing, the song has elements of pop about it in terms of being memorable and subtly catchy, but more than this – it authentically tips its hat to the soul offerings of a simpler time. Botaro’s performance undoubtedly guides this, meandering skillfully and passionately throughout the song’s various moments and thoughts.

The rise up from softness to grit is sensational, reminiscent of the likes of Feeling Good – showcasing an artist completely lost in the moment; a trait that seems true of the entire band on the live version below. That kind of raw intensity is rare these days, but it’s absolutely the sort of thing that captivates an audience – that draws you in with its purity and power, relating to known struggles in a poetic and uninhibited fashion. Free Bird is a beautifully compelling and addictive song, from an artist with an undeniable talent and love for the art form. A pleasure to write about.

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Rebecca Cullen

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