KENDI x REDSAN - PON DI CORNER - Stereo Stickman



Artist and songwriter KENDI consistently writes and releases music that is both emotionally driven and skillfully crafted. Her most recent offering, a stylish and quickly engaging collaboration with REDSAN, is an easy hit that offers precisely these qualities.

Pouring through with an immediately likable bounce of a beat, light and uplifting, the song goes on to entrance listeners with a swiftly memorable and infectious hook, and a subsequent series of vocals that prove increasingly impressive and quite addictive to listen to. The song’s hook is undoubtedly a huge selling point – that use of the partly melancholic melody, falling at the end of the line, amidst such a colourful and optimistic soundscape, works beautifully in drawing you over and holding you captive once you’re there. Elsewhere, the rap vocal and KENDI’s own meandering verses add an appealing dynamic, furthering the song’s natural reach and adding even more in the way of entertainment and escapism.

There’s a classic vibe to the song in many ways, but from a songwriting perspective this hook and this beat undoubtedly underline something new and refreshing. The balance works well, nostalgia has its place and in this instance it helps the song connect – as well as showcasing KENDI as an artist with a deep running love for the art form.

Prior to Pon Di Corner, KENDI’s singles Love Me and Holy Night introduced her work as equally passionate and consistently crafted with care and skill. Love Me is beautiful, a simple anthem of a track that’s easily worth a few spins throughout summer 2019. Standing tall on the height of its own melody and musicality, KENDI showcases her strengths as a vocalist and a musician in every respect, bringing through a song that’s a total pleasure to spend time with – honest, vulnerable, and beautifully melodic.

Holy Night before this presented music fans with KENDI’s unique and heartfelt take on a seasonal classic – seeing her perform in a stripped back setting, accompanied only by piano for the most part; an intimate arena in which the singer ultimately thrives just as much so as within the bigger soundscapes. A clearly capable, versatile vocalist and artist, with an undeniable connection to and love for the music she makes. This is far from the beginning of her journey, but it’s highly likely to be the start of something big. A great sound in every case, heartfelt and creative, melodically hypnotic. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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