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Kaz Bielinski You’ll Believe


Kaz Bielinski’s You’ll Believe is a bright and warm pop-rock offering that grows to be more uplifting as it pours through. Where the verses have more of an acoustically raw, singer-songwriter style about them, the hook section explodes into life as a multi-layered moment of strength and fire. This is undoubtedly where the song’s greatest qualities emerge – the soundscape has been finely crafted so as to reinforce the changing emotions and to reflect the ultimate resolve as the chorus hits.

From a songwriting perspective, Bielinski has written a piece that works on its own simplicity. The concept seems a little vague but the benefit of this is that it turns something inherently personal into something more accessible and available to a wider audience as a means of connecting or expressing certain feelings. A solo acoustic performance would be quite different, but the central sentiment and the clear emotion in the leading voice would remain – perhaps a different version such as that would draw even greater focus towards the lyrics and the intricacies of the artist’s voice.

From a creative production perspective, the song has indeed been well built – everything evolves in unison, working towards the shared goal of emphasizing this idea of you’ll believe – the resolve, the awareness and optimism regarding the future. At its core, this feels like a song about relationships and regret, but unlike the most common way of writing – where the artist has made the mistakes – the singer dictates the potential regret falling with a significant other. It’s an interesting angle and not something you commonly hear brought up in modern music.

In the end, there’s a self-empowering aura to all of it, and Bielinski’s voice and ideas undoubtedly work well among this type of musicality.

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