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KatMariexx Fire


Collaborating to impressive results with producer Joe Crotty, KatMariexx showcases a smooth and sultry leading voice on this melodically satisfying new dance-pop offering.

Fire is a song that carefully walks the line between pop and alternative, appealing with familiarity but also engaging the more thoughtful listener with a uniquely dreamlike ambiance, a clear level of character, and a poetic and emotional lyrical drive.

KatMariexx’ vocal style and lyricism tip their hat to the likes of Lana Del Rey on this release. There’s an accessible nature to the melody, particularly the rise up from the gentle verse to the uplifting hook, but with that you get a notable level of personality and style that helps move the song away into its own realm. Contrast is utilised beautifully, in both the development of the instrumentation and in KatMariexx’ own varied and increasingly passionate, confident performance. The song is addictively enjoyable, seeming partly classic, nostalgic and trip-hop inspired, and partly a fresh and exciting alternative to the mainstream loops of today.

As an introduction to both KatMariexx and Joe Crotty, Fire leaves you keen to hear more. The song has been carefully, skillfully crafted, so as to thrive on more than a single strength, and for this reason it’s an easy pleasure to escape amidst on a rainy afternoon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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