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Katie Tich Boomerang (Remix)


Creatively explorative in sound-design yet comfortingly familiar in vocal clarity and melodic progression – Katie Tich’s Boomerang (Remix) introduces her uniquely colourful way with song-writing.

Building up from simple and spacious to a more fully energising pop-rock ambiance, Boomerang is a poetic song that takes on the concept of love, and the remix is a stylistically evolving, structurally unpredictable version of it.

Katie’s vocals meander effortlessly through the various sections, leading with faultless ability and a certain striking softness. Underneath this, guitars and rhythms, electric and acoustic elements, all intertwine or alternate as things move along. We even get a completely left of centre middle-8 for more of that unique movement, right before the hook and this addictive rhythm kick back in for one last round.

Really nicely done, a raw yet intriguing and likeable style, and a really well-written indie pop song at its core. I look forward to exploring more of Katie Tich’s music.

Single out April 2nd. Follow Katie Tich on Instagram & Bandcamp or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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