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Katie Brown Raindrops


After impressing with pure indie musicianship and honest songwriting last month for her single Insomnia, Liverpool’s Katie Brown has naturally become a must-hear whenever new music emerges, and the latest release Raindrops marks a beautiful followup.

Acoustic guitar and mellow rhythm and bass back up a sort of sultry, soul-pop delivery of poetic reflections on a difficult day. Once again, Katie masters the art of relaying genuine and relatable struggles in a manner enhanced and uplifted by evocative imagery and metaphors.

The chord pattern offers a simple rise and fall progression, two chords elevated by a strong bass line and a jazz-kissed long-form vocal melody. The verses meander through stormy scenes, the melody adding a kind of organic and unpredictable twist, which paves the way well towards the easy repeat of the hook.

It’s a humble hook, not intrusive but quietly resolving and ultimately presenting a hint of optimism at the final hurdle. Humility is a consistent trait of Katie Brown, an independent artist with a genuine live sound and evidently the work ethic to back that up.

When good songwriting and real musicianship unite, it almost always makes for a worthy listening experience – in this case, definitely one to look out for across the UK’s live scenes this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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