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Kathy Muir The Other Side


It’s no big secret that Kathy Muir is one of independent music’s most dedicated and hard working song writers, so it should come as no surprise that this latest release is just one of a multitude of new songs, plus an album, that will emerge over the coming weeks.

The Other Side is an important project in its own right. The song was initially written as a reaction to the Orlando shootings from earlier this year, but in essence, the track speaks out against the issue of intolerance across the world; it’s about equal rights, and working towards a better and more caring humanity.

“I needed to write it because I was angry at the incredible amount of prejudice and mass violence people experience. So often we feel anger and despair that we can forget that hope can create change and good can win over evil. It sounds clichéd but it can.”   Kathy Muir.

To begin with, it’s necessary to listen to the song as simply a song; music is something that transcends regular communication, and more often than not it must speak for itself, making it’s point without the help of side notes or margin markers. This is about all that needs to be said on the matter though. As is often the case with Kathy Muir’s music; the moment you press play, this calming connection between the notes chosen, the words expressed, and the tone of the voice with which it is all presented – it pours the sound over you in a way that immediately makes you feel the need to do nothing but simply listen.

The Other Side is no exception to this rule, and even so much as the opening flicker of that heavily reverbed and dreamlike guitar has the power to shut out any external noise while you zone in and really soak up the music. The song that follows is every bit as poignant as the message it’s intending to convey.

As a songwriter, Kathy Muir is no stranger to the need to write about personal experiences and feelings; these are the things that so frequently connect us with the artists we adore. But in this case, the musician felt that sometimes it’s necessary to speak of things much bigger than ourselves, something I’d wholeheartedly agree with. Sometimes the only language we share, the only medium we pay attention to, is music. Certain things need to be said, and if they aren’t heard, or aren’t paid attention to, they need to be said again, and again, until everyone finally realizes that all life is of equal value.

What’s particularly good about this release is that while the song is quite openly a reference to particular events, the poetry of it is so beautifully inclusive of all audiences and emotional responses to pain. This is not a word for word account of something; it’s not a narrative, nor a descriptive accompaniment for unfair and unnecessary occurrences – it is quite simply a peaceful, artistic, and hopefully healing reaction to something that is consistently negative and damaging. The song is beautiful, thoughtfully written and softly performed, so that every feeling and thought is captured and expressed just right.

To show your support for the project you can grab your copy of The Other Side via Kathy Muir’s Website, or head over to iTunes (US) or iTunes (UK). You can also buy it through Amazon (US or UK) if preferred, or listen on Soundcloud. Head to Kathy Muir’s Artist Page for more music and features, and of course, follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated.

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