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Kathryn Shipley Shine Your Love


Shine Your Love has a little bit of that folk-rock vibe creatively intertwined with elements of slightly more retro, eighties rock or even disco kind of sound. The intermittent notes of distortion sound great alongside the upbeat strumming of the acoustic guitar. The vocal harmonies running consistently throughout the backdrop help build a real wall of sound and brightness. Then you get the leading vocal, a performance with great warmth and a genuine energy to delivery these lyrics of dedication and desire. It all makes for a well rounded, well structured piece of songwriting, and the music and the song on the whole give off an easy to listen to, uplifting ambiance that is loaded with good vibes.

The leading vocal performance is a modest one in a way, not overbearing, not demanding attention, simply getting to the notes and the emotion of the lines and expressing with grace and skill the concept of the piece and an apparent and genuine love of music and singing and personal connection. The song has been put together with just enough instrumentation to make it effective and memorable. The hook is another simplistic element, but it works, it gets to the point and it repeats just enough times, particularly towards the end of the track, to really make it sink in.

It’s very easy to imagine the song sounding exactly as it does on the recording if you were to witness an on-the-spot performance. The subject matter makes you perhaps wonder what a live, organic, unplugged version might sound like if it could echo through the space within a church or the halls of some other shared community space. It’s fairly safe to say the experience would be a captivating and memorable one. It’s a beautiful sound and a well written piece of music.

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