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Katherine Appello Christmas Hymn and Holiday Holly


One of Bentley Records’ newest artists Katherine Appello emerges with a six-track album of unique instances of story-telling amidst an ongoing, delicate and distant soundscape.

Tuning in to precisely the aura implied by the title, this project leads with the purity of the holiday season, the underlying spiritual implications, and a certain homely, comforting calmness that suits the stories at hand in a beautiful way.

Keeping things honest, real yet easily accessible, the collection is short yet consistently intentional, and the scenes set and moods presented all work well towards a common goal.

Sticking with the same gentle piano notes, a vintage vinyl-like crackle of a finish, and an up-front and fairly raw sounding vocal, the EP leans back and forth between French and English, and the enthusiasm and emotion driving the leading vocal varies effectively in every case – a performance, however subtle, that’s clearly connected to the topic at hand.

Defiantly a thing of its own right now, and unlike anything else you’re likely to stumble upon over the coming months.

Download or stream the album here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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