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Kaneo Floss (Feat. Herman Jones)


The start-up to this single proves to be a brilliant choice in drawing a listener in for the long haul. A simple, mellow ambiance accompanies a smooth and subtly soulful vocal melody – a collection of notes that feel reflective and grateful. Following this, a finely chosen rap verse emerges, floating through among an even more bare musical space, and there’s something about the humble, heartfelt delivery and lyrics, and the fact that the verse is fairly short – not overdone, not loaded with filler. All of this subsequently holds tight to your attention, and the ideas presented work hard to keep you captivated throughout.

Kaneo and Herman Jones work beautifully on this track, everything from the production to the performances, to the underlying sentiment and their clearly shared understanding of and connection to it – the whole thing feels very genuine and natural as it emerges. Rather than turn to gimmicks or unnecessary details to grab attention from afar, the song works on the strength of its own set-up and style. There’s a nostalgic, comforting aura to the melody, but at the same time, the instrumentation and the effects help give the single a fresh finish. The result is something that seems to fuse soulful RnB with ambient trip hop and conscious rap, which on paper sounds like a lot to take on, but in reality – in this setting – the team have pulled it off with sophistication and style.

The second time you hear this you’ve already acclimatized to its flow, to the smoothness of the soundscape and to the inherent positivity of the lyrics, so the only thing left to do is sit back and escape into the moment – which is blissfully easy, and a total pleasure. The rap verses also stand out a little more with each new listen, so there’s plenty to appreciate conceptually.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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