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KALO Wild Change


This is a pretty awesome new track from Oklahoma based blues rock trio KALO. The overall vibe of the song has the distorted thickness of authentic blues rock and roll, and in among the riffs and melodies is this perfectly fitting and genuine level of emotion and passion that makes the genre what it is. The rock sound can be practiced, but the realness can’t be faked. If a band doesn’t have a through and through passion for the music they’re playing, then it won’t connect. This is far from the case with KALO, and their latest release is a pleasure to discover.

That undeniable love for the rock sound and the art of expression in itself is clear and consistent throughout Wild Change. The leading vocal has both the grit and gravel of a limitless rock voice, as well as the softness required to add that essential human touch that makes the whole thing appear as something new and real and addictive.

It’s a great sound in every way, and a great song – well written, structured with a little of the classic blues build but also a slightly more modern twist to really give those hook sections the best possible impact. The lyrics present a series of simple yet effective lines; poetic imagery, metaphor, self reflection, freedom. The hook focuses on a particular, unique line, and that fusion of the nature and the wild change concept makes it hugely memorable.

The guitar licks featured throughout have a style and swagger that fits the mood and genre of the piece well, plus the whole thing has been beautifully produced to give off that live performance feel but without the tinniness of a one take surrender. It sounds fantastic, a strong choice for turning up the volume and throwing yourself into the weekend.

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Rebecca Cullen

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