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Kal Mystikal Sounds Of Freedom


Creativity rules all, and nowhere does that statement ring with more truth than throughout this post-eight-minute production from Kal Mystikal.

From organic flute and sax to Afrobeat rhythms, Gospel warmth and unpredictable jazz, Sounds Of Freedom wholeheartedly encapsulates the very implications of its name.

Hailing from Spanish Town, Jamaica, but with musical roots over in Germany, Kal Mystikal has carved out a unique pathway as a passionate and culturally diverse artist. His journey began with high school singing as a teen, evolving swiftly on meeting producer Kofi Dunbar, at sixteen – a creative who introduced Kal to Corner Street Records studio.

Fast forward ten years and Kal relocated to Germany to launch his funky afrobeats interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer. Artistic freedom was an inherent trait of all things Kal Mystikal, alongside a devout spiritual intention, and Sounds Of Freedom acts as an intoxicating and refreshing example of that.

Feeling much like an epic musical tale, Sounds of Freedom progresses from moments of solo instrumental play through fully-loaded Gospel choirs and bass-backed warmth, keeping things natural and notably human in emotion and tone, but also maintaining a sense of relevancy to its own style and sound. That is to say, despite the extended length and the clear dynamic in shifting from one style to the next, there are multiple anchors of character kept recognisable throughout the mix, and that helps cement the level of identity and likability that Kal Mystikal brings to modern music.

Download or stream Sounds Of Freedom. Find Kal Mystikal on Instagram & TikTok.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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