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KaJ Loud / kay-loud Shrimp n Noodles


Just one from a string of original releases, raising the bar for catchy songwriting and fresh verses united – KaJ Loud’s Shrimp n Noodles is swiftly racking up tens of thousands of streams online. The infectious melody, the emotional honesty, and the ambient embrace of the soundscape, all prove worthy calling cards within the KaJ Loud repertoire.

Leading with notably versatile vocals, KaJ progresses from simple melodies to gritty raps and refreshing story-telling, all of which is deeply personal throughout the changing stages of Shrimp n Noodles.

Far from the lighthearted journey implied by its title, the song delves into conceptual weight with fearless devotion, relaying the story of the artist in a manner that’s both cleverly impressive and heartfelt enough to really connect.

The single emerges as part of the 2021 album 1Up, a nine-track collection of equal melodic strength and intelligent raps united.

Consider the classic hip hop presence and clarity of a musically creative yet familiar and confident Skrt Off, or even the sax-led introduction, or the pace and anthemic force of Manny Ramirez.

Versatility is a clear strength, but at every step KaJ showcases a bold degree of identity – a recognisable voice in both lyric and tone – and this provides an essential thread between releases.

Bringing both passion and professionalism to the stage, the production, intention and vibe of each track is authentically fresh, easy to escape into, and draws focus to the limitless realms of modern hip hop in terms of both musicality and lyrical reach. Well worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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