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Kaetawi & Jamit Holy Prophet Elijah


Kaetawi & Jamit join forces on their brand new single Holy Prophet Elijah, which sees the 2 of them pushing the boundaries of not only electronica, but also the very idea of what constitutes as music.

Glitch-pop meets funk in what is easily one of the weirdest and most captivating tracks of 2019. Holy Prophet Elijah features samples from the most diverse backgrounds, that all come together to form a cacophony of sound – the sort that might be off-putting from anyone else, but is simply enthralling thanks to the genius production from Kaetawi & Jamit.

Holy Prophet Elijah starts off with a sample that sounds like a chorus of frogs singing a repetitious melody that basically becomes the driving bass track for the whole song. Some very obscured tribal drums accompany this reptilian refrain, along with scattered sci-fi sound effects at supposedly random moments.

Suddenly a bright, clean horn section enters – seemingly out of nowhere – with an instantly memorable riff that would be right at home on any classic disco record. These horns are clearly now the main focal point of the song, and despite the same melody happening a dozen or so times throughout the track, it somehow never manages to wear out its welcome. The horns play around with an equally catchy synth melody, effectively blurring the line of where one instrument ends and the other begins.

Holy Prophet Elijah is a unique blend of Avant Garde sensibilities mixed with just enough elements of pop to attract the average listener. It’s all incredibly bizarre, but so intrinsically captivating for the very same reason.

Stream the track on Soundcloud or Spotify or download it via Bandcamp. Find & follow Jamit on YouTubeInstagram & Soundcloud to stay updated.

Larry Iaccio


Born & raised in Philadelphia, Larry is an active member of the local music scene as the drummer for his group Adventure Lost. With a degree in audio engineering & a love for all kinds of rock music, Larry appreciates good production as much as good songwriting. In his free time you can catch him playing way too many video games & watching TV.

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