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KAATO Somebody, Someday


KAATO are a band that almost all classic rock and roll fans will be dismayed to have missed out on in recent years. Fortunately, they’ve emerged with a brand new album, and this is very much still just the beginning of their journey.

Keeping classic rock and roll alive and kicking in every possible way, KAATO pour through with insanely powerful and stylish vocals, infectious guitar riffs, well-placed distorted, manic drums, and – perhaps most importantly – immensely addictive, energizing songwriting.

Fresh from the album Slam, the song Somebody, Someday is an absolute highlight, and the perfect introduction to a band that really need no introduction other than the passionate and skillful sound of their music. The song rains down around you like a nostalgic hit from yesteryear, though with that you get the clarity and power of something completely youthful and rooted in the contemporary world. Everything that is our modern life is encapsulated in a manner that effectively unites the dawn of the genre with the widespread desire for success in today’s world.

Somebody, Someday is a stunning track – musically uplifting, effective and professionally crafted so as to inspire and satisfy, lyrically leaning in an equally positive and motivational direction. A perfectly addictive new track form an album that will almost certainly reignite your love for live rock and roll. Here’s hoping the band tour the UK some time soon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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