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Justin Mercurio Let Me Know


Justin Mercurio is building a hip-hop soundscape with some gravitas and heft here. Detuned vocals with modulating melodies are combined with bass synth rumbles flown in from the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack to sync up with tasteful 808s.

The rich vocals are slick, rhythmically smart and very present in the mix, and whilst cushioned with reverb and delay, are enhanced with sensitive backing voices presented in a different vocal state to set them apart. The lead vocal’s laid-back delivery is not dissimilar to Drake’s in Hotline Bling.

There are some truly inspired lyrics floating atop the soundscape, too. It has to be the first time I’ve heard ‘losers’ rhymed with ‘Medusas’. It’s an intelligent use of contemporary language and idioms that deliver rich ideas with an astounding economy of words.

The backing track, using altered vocals to create pads of atmosphere for the lead vocal to work off, also features gentle tricking synth voices and ethnic wind instrument simulations. As a side note – backing vocals for this release were recorded by Justin’s girlfriend, the wonderful Camila Paiva. There are also some detuned synth moans which lend the whole an ethereal, meditative feel that is largely unobtrusive and yet fantastically enhances the song.

With some decent exposure, I could imagine Let Me Know appealing to a very broad demographic: it’s a confident slice of hip-hop that ticks all the lifestyle-centric tropes of current on-trend bangers. It feels mature and authentically honest without being too knowing or too cynical, and deserves to be shared around.

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Chris Porter


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